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Altberg Skipton Unisex Shoe

Altberg Skipton Unisex Shoe

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Altberg Skipton is an oiled nubuck leather walking shoe designed for outdoor enthusiasts. Let me provide you with some details about it:

  • Design: The Skipton features a lace-to-toe design, allowing for comfort fitting and stability. It also enables some adjustment of shoe volume via the lacing.
  • Materials:
    • Upper: Made from 1.6/1.8mm Oiled Nubuck Leather, which strikes a balance between water repellency and enhanced breathability.
    • Lining: Equipped with a Sympatex breathable/water repellent lining, enhancing suitability for varying weather conditions.
  • Sole: The shoe has a Vibram mixed terrain sole, providing exceptional cushioning and shock absorption for all-day comfort.
  • Weight: Approximately 379 grams (size 8).
  • Additional Features:
    • Comes with orange laces as standard, with an extra pair of brown laces for those who prefer a more formal look.
    • Oiled nubuck leather can be treated with Leder Gris wax/paste for increased water repellency or with Leder Bok spray to retain the original appearance and breathability.
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