Collection: Protest

We are celebrating 30 years of creative ways to get there. Protest evolved from snow, to water, to the streets and sportswear. We are there for the sun lovers and snow seekers. For the dreamers and doers. For the core crew and the still-learners.

Protest was founded by a group of snowboarders from the Netherlands. That’s right: The Netherlands. One of the flattest places in the universe. Home to exactly five hills and fourteen waves. We counted the number of hills and waves and we said, “Forget about logic, forget about obstacles - let's do what we love."​

It’s our mission to help everyone ride more, to help everyone to get there.

What a journey it has been so far. We’ve built a brand, created things you love, made good friends, had epic fun along the way, set some goals, reached some of them and still dreaming of other creative ways to get there: to prepare for the future and always stay positive.

With a mind full of memories, a team full of ideas and a belly full of butterflies we are always looking ahead, to get there.

Stay positive, age is just a number.

Let’s celebrate.