Collection: Snow Shepard

Who are Snowshepherd and what do we do?

We setup Snowshepherd in 2009 by Tim Shepherd, to specialize in avalanche rescue equipment and airbags, in 2009 airbags were not mainstream, but a specialized website and advice line worked well for us as a business.

In 2011, my son Brandon Shepherd who now runs the business found the classic lifty glove in the alps while working out there. He got fed up with buying new gloves every winter that didn’t keep him warm nor did they last, after speaking with locals asking where did they get them from, a garden shop in Bourg-Saint-Maurice, they lasted 3 seasons of skiing in them every day, we started selling the classic Venitex French Work gloves as used by locals, ski guides, resort workers and of course all the lift workers in France.

We started with 2 dozen pairs and when they all sold in matter of days, we thought oh! That’s a bit odd and ordered more; We did not think back then we would end up as the only ski retailer in the UK selling these types of gloves and a major manufacturer of leather ski gloves.

With avalanche equipment becoming more mainstream these days. We will still offer advice, however we are moving away from this side of the business to concentrate on Snowshepherd Gloves, based on the original designs of the French gloves but made with proper leather and a proper glove design, the ‘Work’ style refers to the look of the glove, that’s tan yellow with a white cuff, but that’s where the similarity ends, we use high quality same batch leather, waterproof and breathable membranes, and insulation that really works, they are a proper Ski gloves, but also really good for work as well.